Recruiting Full Time Experienced Salesforce Developers.

I thought we could use a refresher…


4+ years in Apex, LWC, Flows, JavaScript (and other JS Frameworks), custom API’s to your ERP and other legacy systems, solicit requirements, design elegant solutions, communicate to upper management, U.S. Citizen.

YES, they exist!

A combination of what they look like (to me).


– Independent Contractors at ~$100/HR (minimum)

– Being pursued by the big tech giants (Salesforce, Google, AWS, and the like)

– Running their own shop

– Working at consulting companies who are going to pay more because they can charge more

– Have a nice equity stake offering at hand

– Know someone on the inside who they’re loyal to

– Are being offered 15-20% more than the market average

– Have a nice “cush” position that allows them to do what they want, when they want, and how they want

– Working for a company where they’re passionate about the cause

– Are living under a rock and don’t want to be found

– Some other personal interest that’s fulfilling all their needs

– I’m probably missing a few others…

As of today, there’s 10,287 open Salesforce Developer positions on LinkedIn.

I love the challenge to recruit, but I think it’s safe to say the odds are not stacked in my favor…

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