Questions/Thoughts on Brand Dilution

Is there a point when a brand gets diluted trying to be too many things?

When an acquisition occurs, do the employees, culture, way of working, continue to exist as it used to?

Would the company doing the acquiring hire the same people from the acquired company if they didn’t now work there?

Can the same original core values still be adhered to, when each respected company used to have their own?

If a great product or company exists and another company needs to have it as their own, is that really what matters? So the competition doesn’t get to it/them first?

For the existing employees, does the loyalty get lost in the shuffle over time, as things are not what they once were?

Rather than being 1 of a few, where many knew our name, we’re now 1 of thousands where those close relationships are harder to find/keep?

Has the new direction been made so convoluted, that we’re now trying to just figure it all out individually?

Does brand dilution ultimately lead to brand delusion, causing continuous rise of internal politics, employees to leave with frustration, and customers to get confused?

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