Being pigeonholed

Do you feel pigeonholed in your current position?

Possibly doing the same tasks day in and day out.

Maybe, you’ve tried to expand your area of contribution and no one cares.

As you’ve become so good at what you do, and you’re now the expert.

So you’re expected to stay in your “lane”.

And you see little career progression happening.

Thinking: “I’ll only get promoted if so and so leaves, which will never happen.”

Or maybe you’re not learning anything new.

But have aspirations to do so.

So you have to rely on Trailhead to try and acquire additional skills.

Which can only get you so far.

Suggestion: spend some time on the weekend, see what other opportunities are out there, chase after a few.

Your career progression and satisfaction can only be held accountable by you.

Don’t stay in your pigeonhole…

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