Salesforce Newcomers: Just a part of the practice…

Recently, I was working on my tree pose during a yoga routine.

Wavering, stumbling, losing my balance every few seconds.

The instructor calmly said: “it’s OK, that’s just a part of the practice.”

I thought, that’s a better way to look at it.

That idea might be relatable to your Salesforce career search.

– Failed cert exams

– Rejected applications

– Being ghosted

– Feeling overwhelmed

– Bombing an interview

– Being short-listed, then not chosen

– Wondering if you’ll ever get your 1st break

Obviously, these are much more impactful than me crying about not being able to balance on 1 leg.

But, I think if you can come to the realization that these situations are: Just a part of the practice.

You may be able to find the continued peace and confidence to keep moving forward.


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