What do you think about providing opinions to other members of a team (or to a client)?

Especially, when it’s someone that you don’t know that well.

And they didn’t ask.

But you think it might be helpful.

With the right intent to provide a different perspective.

Do you share it, or are you more reserved?

Sometimes wondering if boundaries will be stepped over if you do so.

“Who asked YOU, anyhow?!”

And then if you’re wrong, will you be ignored in the future?

Typically, I think an opinion is more appreciated than not, if it can help carry the conversation forward.

Although, speaking up, sharing, providing an opinion, can be a constant whirlwind of decision making in our heads.

Is there any particular method you use or lessons learned along the way?

Paradoxically, I am asking for an opinion on providing opinions.

Double Paradoxically, I provide my opinion daily on LinkedIn.


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