Meeting envy.

Have you gotten this before?

Maybe it’s not so prevalent with remote working, or it could be happening and you’re not even aware of it.

A meeting (virtual) gets called (or a lunch or a coffee), and you’re not invited.


Wait a minute, I thought I was a part of this team.

Why was I not invited?

Are they talking about ME?

Are they going to roll ME off?

Am I on the chopping block?

Are they starting a new initiative and decided to not include ME?

This can’t be good.

What did I do wrong? Didn’t Sensitive Steve know I was just joking when I told him his mom was ugly?

9.9 times out of 10 the discussion had nothing to do with ME.

It was more of the fear of the unknown.

Focusing on doing our best work, is probably the best way to avoid the unconsequential meeting envy.

Try not to fall victim to it, like I have.

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