Your Overhead as an Independent Contractor

If you’ve thought about going the IC route, please keep in mind the overhead that can be associated, as these will be costs (and/or time) for you.

Areas such as:

– Legal

– Accounting

– Sales

– Marketing

– Banking

– Continued Education

– Financial Planning

– Healthcare

– Equipment

An an employee, you probably don’t have to worry about many of these.

As an IC, you do, and if you’re billing 40+ hours a week, it’s the evenings, early mornings or weekends when this has to be accounted for.

Some take more time than others and some are a 1 time set up.

Many have went the IC route, some go back to being an employee if it becomes too much to mess with and just want to focus on “the work”.

Hit me up if you have any questions.

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