“I don’t feel challenged”

In the article below, 6 answers could do more harm than good when it comes to interviewing, as it may show poor relationships with others and lowers the emotional intelligence bar.

  1. “My talents weren’t put to good use” -> comes across as your last company let you down

  2. “I don’t feel challenged” -> demonstrates that you’re blaming your employer

  3. “I’m looking for a different experience” -> casts a shadow on your previous position

  4. “I liked my manager, but…” -> using “but” casts a negative impression

  5. “I’m a hard worker who gets things done” -> shows individualism rather than team collaboration

  6. “I’d like your job one day” -> unrealistic and a bit of arrogance

Some of these might be a bit of a stretch regarding why they’re bad, and I know I’ve used a few before, maybe you have too.


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