A tribute to the So’s…

“We’re looking for someone like So and So”.

Yea, well, So and So is long gone.

And So and So was also overworked.

And So and So was underpaid.

So, getting someone like So and So, 

with the same responsibilities as So and So, 

at the same salary as So and So, 

with the same work ethic as So and So,

is sooo not going to happen.

So, our best bet is to reprioritize and rebalance the salary, expectations, skills needed, and workload.

So, we can actually hire someone.

So, we won’t continue to get farther and farther behind.

So, our existing team doesn’t leave and join So and So, who started this whole mess anyway.

Now causing the few of us that remain with So and So, and So and So, and So and So’s workload.

Thank you so much.

So-ulfully Yours,


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