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This was such an exciting story, I had to wake up extra early just to write it…

Meet Jeanne Moeller – she’s looking to continue her Salesforce career, particularly in Higher Ed, she’s considered a “Data Geek” and understands the value of good, clean data in a CRM.

Here’s what she did:

Made a tweet asking for help.  

It only received 3 retweets and 25 likes.

The quantity didn’t matter, as it fell in the right hands, at the right time, sparked a hiring manager’s interest and she got an interview.

The next thing she did was STELLAR!

She went to the company’s website and filled out an online form inquiring about their products and services.

Sure enough the VP of Sales (or equivalent) contacted her…ABC – Always Be Closing, right? 🙂

She responded with (paraphrased): “I actually wouldn’t be an ideal prospect, but I’m currently interviewing with your company, do you have 20 minutes to discuss why you enjoy working there?”

Dang, that was genius on so many levels!

That conversation occurred and she’s continuing the interviewing process.

That’s how you stand out, that’s how you get creative, that’s how you get a potential shot.

Figure out your inner genius, we all have it!

Ok, it’s 4:30 AM, I have cows to milk and chickens to feed…

Have a great Tuesday!

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