Doing KT (Knowledge Transfer)

Do you find doing KT can be a real struggle?

Especially, if the person receiving the KT isn’t really interested and has other priorities.

Or doesn’t have the experience needed to understand what’s going on.

Or you’re too busy trying to wrap up the loose ends, KT is the last thing on your mind.

Or the KT timeline is so compressed, you question, what can actually be transferred.

“Chris, you worked on this project over the last year, and since you’re rolling off the end of this week, please spend 1 hour Thursday and Friday to KT over to Salesforce Sam (who started last Monday) as he’ll take it over from here”.

Even if all the documentation in the world has been created, handing over your work to someone else, is seldom as smooth as everyone (those not involved, that is) had hoped it would be.

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