Demand for Industry Vertical Salesforce Clouds/Vlocity Positions

In this past week’s LinkedIn Live with Ben Duncombe, we had someone ask if we’re seeing an increase in demand for specific industry verticals.

My short answer was “not really”, at least from within my little bubble of recruiting.

Although, I continue to hear Oracle, Microsoft, Salesforce and others discuss their strategy on industry specific clouds/solutions, I haven’t seen a huge spike in the demand for this talent (yet).

Although, I did a brief search for Vlocity open positions on LI, which shows over 500 and most are with the larger systems integrators, so there is some velocity there 🙂

Tagging a few external recruiters in my network that may have more visibility in this area than I do, but thought I’d mention this topic in a post, as it’s been asked about a few times lately.

Ben Duncombe, Josh Matthews,Danny Cohen,Jake Pinkus

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