CRM Bells & Whistles

How much time and energy is spent discussing, designing, developing, testing and deploying CRM related bells and whistles that never end up being used (or used very little)?

Do these bells & whistles increase user adoption, user satisfaction or hit at some of the major pain points companies face?

Do we often lose focus on getting some of the core CRM functionality correct before layering on the extras, causing

more harm than good?

Management of: Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Cases, Activities, etc.

I guess it’s the Bells & Whistles that keep our industry chugging along for the past 50+years…

Computerworld, August, 1976:

“Before even considering bells and whistles, a user should look at the plain vanilla system and see just how operationally sound it is.”

IT PM Job Posting, January, 1967:

“We are writing in COBOL under DOS and [our system] will have all the bells and whistles.”

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