Salesforce Newcomers: A Val Kilmer Approach

Although Val Kilmer’s been a prominent actor in the movie industry for many years in films such as Top Gun, The Doors, Tombstone, Batman Forever, The Saint, and many others.

In his documentary, he mentioned he hates auditioning.

So instead, he would film his own auditions and send them into movie directors.

I thought about this approach for you.

While you’re probably not looking to be the next Batman…

Rather than submitting your resume alone,

How about creating a short 30-60 second intro video about why you feel that you’re the right person for the position that you’re applying for.

Sure, it’s an unconventional approach, but what’s the worse that can happen?

You get ignored.

Val also didn’t land all the movies that he sent audition tapes to (Full Metal Jacket and Goodfellas, to name a few) and still has had a successful 40+ year career.

Maybe your creativity could be what helps you land your 1st position.

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