Confidence versus Arrogance

As we’ve been told when interviewing, we need to be confident in our skills and abilities, while also not showing arrogance.

Do you find this to be easy to balance during those conversations?

Is it black and white, or is there some grey?

Could a strong personality be seen as “arrogance”?

Potentially, what you deem confidence as the interviewee, gets perceived as arrogance to the interviewer.

Or even vice versa…

Or if you express high enthusiasm and why you excel in some areas, but might fall short in others, maybe the former is what stood out and caused the label.

Possibly, if you disagree when presented a problem, and stick with your answer, as you feel it’s the best one, it causes some tension:

“I agree to disagree with you”

Maybe how one distinguishes between these two characteristics are not always so obvious.

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