Certs – thoughts & questions

Has our cert focused industry created an unnecessary evil?

If we’re not up to our peer’s level in the number of certs, do we get looked over for opportunities?

After someone starts an organization/consulting firm, are the certs the 1st line of measurement to determine credibility?

Or if we make a mistake or say something incorrect, do the cert police come out to investigate our credentials?

Do we feel we have to participate in the cert race just to remain competitive?

As more certs are offered, does it become an endless saga to attain more just because they exist?

Can we be content with what we have, and only when it makes sense to obtain another due to the relevancy of our position, we go after it?

Would a better approach be to pre-qualify for a certification based on work experience, rather than a free for all and give an advantage to the “studious” types?

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