The Leagues…

Have you outgrown your current position or maybe the people you work with. Do you feel that your colleagues are still playing in the minor leagues? They come in, do their job, and are not interested in advancing. Don’t continue to play in the minors, if you’re ready for the big leagues. Find a new… Continue reading The Leagues…

Communications (the debate)

Meeting should have been an email. Email should have been a phone call. Phone call should have been a text. OR Text should have been a phone call. Phone call should have been an email. Email should have been a meeting. We’ve seen “rules” on when specific communication protocol should be followed. However, it’s much… Continue reading Communications (the debate)

Email Thank You’s

“Hi Fred, Thank you for X, I really appreciate it, as it has allowed me to do Y better. Thanks again for doing this. Let’s catch up on a call soon. Thanks, Chris” Can we get carried away with our Thank You’s? Occasionally, I struggle. Maybe you do too…

The Pregnancy Pause

Mothers – Do you have a gap in your resume when you took time away for maternity leave and not sure how to account for it? In reviewing a candidate’s background yesterday, she had an employer listed as: The Pregnancy Pause Which intrigued me, so I did some research… Essentially, it’s a fictitious company that… Continue reading The Pregnancy Pause

Resistance To Change

This past weekend, I was looking at a new website and email host to migrate to. I’m sitting there thinking, this is such a pain. I don’t really want to mess with it, although it will be cheaper and better, maybe I’ll just stick with what I have. Or I have a brand new laptop… Continue reading Resistance To Change

The Struggle

If you’re currently struggling, you’re not alone. I believe we all experience struggle, sometimes it’s a heavy struggle, sometimes it’s a little lighter. Even the experts struggle when they’re working on something they’re not familiar with. Your struggle today could be your accomplishment tomorrow. Your accomplishment today could also be someone else’s struggle tomorrow. Nonrelated… Continue reading The Struggle

Job Interview Simulation

Although, the video in the comments might be a little dry to watch, it comprises of an individual being asked 10 of the most common interview questions and then being graded on those answers by HR. Many are probably considered cliché and ones that you’ve heard before, but I thought you might also learn a… Continue reading Job Interview Simulation

Providing Feedback

Or I should say, providing meaningful, substantial, feedback. Do you find this hard to do? Maybe it even gives you a little anxiety. Especially, if you know it’s not what the other person wants to hear. So we often try to sugar coat it a little to help ease into it. Some say the ability… Continue reading Providing Feedback

Remote work – no longer an incentive.

A few years back I was able to say: “this position is 100% remote” as a potential way to help incentivize candidates. Now, I might get laughed at. How are employers going to help sweeten the “extras” going forward? Maybe, 100% remote AND we will also set up that foosball, ping pong, pool table in your… Continue reading Remote work – no longer an incentive.

No one is responding…

It must be our resume. As we go through our job search and apply to positions that seem to be a great fit, and then no one responds, we often turn to our resume to analyze why we’re not getting the attention we deserve. Asking ourselves, what can we show differently to gain an employer’s… Continue reading No one is responding…