The waiting game…

The slightly under qualified job applicant is waiting for a company to respond. That same company is still waiting for the “perfect” candidate to apply. That “perfect” candidate that they’re waiting to apply, coincidentally, is also waiting for another company to respond. And the cycle continues…

The Salesforce Rabbit Hole

If any of these are familiar, maybe you’ve recently been down the Salesforce Rabbit Hole – Reading a Salesforce blog with 5 more links that you click on – A trailhead that has reference to other trailheads or reference documents – A YouTube video that suggests other videos that you’ve decided to open Originally, you… Continue reading The Salesforce Rabbit Hole

Salesforce Salary Sustainability

I’ve been thinking about Salesforce salaries as it pertains to other executive members of I.T. The below picture is intended to illustrate: 1. V.P. of I.T., ~20+ years of experience, $165K salary 2. Salesforce Developer, ~3 years of experience, $135K salary 3. Salesforce Architect, ~10 years experience, $170K salary I feel this continues to be… Continue reading Salesforce Salary Sustainability

Salesforce Admins – Supporting Sales

Some thoughts on your work administering Salesforce based on Keenan’s video below which is geared towards Sales professionals using a CRM: – Are you understanding what Sales needs to be effective in their job? – Are there some gaps in their Sales process that you can help correct? – Does Sales have the data they… Continue reading Salesforce Admins – Supporting Sales

This past week, I received a better than average job description.

It listed 2 things, I don’t normally see: 1. The approximate % of time outlined to do each respective group of tasks.   For example:  – Meetings/consulting with operations – 20%  – Configuring the application for new projects – 30%  – Addressing/correcting existing defects – 20% – Supporting/coaching other junior team members – 20% – Documentation… Continue reading This past week, I received a better than average job description.

Our COVID-19 “Look”

Have we all gotten a little more comfortable with ourselves in front of a camera over the last year? Maybe with hair not quite as nice (or wearing a hat), unshaven, less makeup than usual, an old t-shirt that you only wear on Saturday mornings, etc. I mentioned to a job candidate that the next round… Continue reading Our COVID-19 “Look”


How often do we settle? Maybe, more than we should. It’s much easier and comfortable to settle. Often, when we’re ready to leave our current position/company, we might settle for the 1st new opportunity that comes our way. Or we instead settle and stay put, as the situation will hopefully blow over and get better.… Continue reading Settling.

Salesforce Career Seekers: Differentiate

In the below article, in the comments, we’re shown 4 Salesforce features that many companies aren’t using: Content Libraries Salesforce Forecasting Mass Data Edit Tools Field History Tracking Maybe the company that you’re interested in is also not using some of these. Hence, the perfect setting for you, to write an article or create a… Continue reading Salesforce Career Seekers: Differentiate

The Leagues…

Have you outgrown your current position or maybe the people you work with. Do you feel that your colleagues are still playing in the minor leagues? They come in, do their job, and are not interested in advancing. Don’t continue to play in the minors, if you’re ready for the big leagues. Find a new… Continue reading The Leagues…

Communications (the debate)

Meeting should have been an email. Email should have been a phone call. Phone call should have been a text. OR Text should have been a phone call. Phone call should have been an email. Email should have been a meeting. We’ve seen “rules” on when specific communication protocol should be followed. However, it’s much… Continue reading Communications (the debate)