Salesforce Querying

Biggest Gotchas in SOQL (coming from a SQL background), along with a little commentary for each. No Select * -> Dang! I now have to know what fields I want to query for. No Inner/Outer Joins -> What in the world?! . Notations (but with no joins) -> Confused! Nested Queries (again with no joins)… Continue reading Salesforce Querying

Our good intentions

Remember during the 1st few project kick-off meetings, when the  direction was something like: “Minimal customization, config 95%, code the last 5% only when we have to.” Everyone agreed and the project begins. Were you able to stay true to that? Or did all those highly specified and complicated requirements start trickling in. With the… Continue reading Our good intentions

Hiring Misfires

I think these happen quite often. As I hear about it on both sides. Those who are looking again. And from employers when I need to notify a contractor. Mistakes occur. If you’re in the middle of it, you’re not alone. It’s never an easy conversation to have. Please don’t sit idle dwelling on it… Continue reading Hiring Misfires

Remote Work – Globalization

A possible consequence to remote work… If more companies start allowing for remote work, will that also mean hiring more of a global workforce? And possibly moving more positions to an off-shore model? An interesting thought that I read this past week. Quote from the article for more context (full article reference below): “Employees must… Continue reading Remote Work – Globalization

App Exchange Support

Salesforce App Exchange Product Support This past week, I’ve heard a few Salesforce customers become disappointed about the lack of product support they’re receiving on some of the applications they’re using from the App Exchange. Especially, when the managed package is locked down, causing the customer to be “stuck”, or having to build undesired workarounds.… Continue reading App Exchange Support

Office Headphones: Trending

Post Covid Office Accessories: Noise Cancelling Headphones Will there be a spike in noise cancelling headphone purchases for those who are coming back to the office? During Covid, it might have been nice and quiet working at home. Now, if you’re back in a shared office space, you might have people talking, phones ringing, doors… Continue reading Office Headphones: Trending

Remote Work Side Effects

Some of My Unfortunate Side Effects of Remote Work Over the Last 18 Months Wearing the same clothes multiple days in a row (they don’t stink yet) Changing to a better shirt when going to an important Zoom meeting (and then changing back afterwards) Often not brushing my teeth until almost noon (I think about… Continue reading Remote Work Side Effects

Your Salesforce Career Growth

How often do you get your as$ handed to you at work? Maybe more than you’d like. Or maybe not enough. Sometimes professional growth can mean learning from some variation of: – Being embarrassed  – Working late on a difficult problem/tight deadline – Dealing with egos/difficult personalities – Being challenged with chaos – Taking on… Continue reading Your Salesforce Career Growth


Salesforce Career Seekers: Daily With the demand for Salesforce Professionals being at an all time high, I imagine a few new positions get posted on LinkedIn daily. So, if today you’re not having much luck, tomorrow is a new day, with new possibilities. I think having this mindset may help keep you going, as you… Continue reading Daily

The wait

“I’m going to wait and see” Maybe you’ve thought about making a change, but the next promotion cycle, bonus or annual raise is just around the corner. It’s buying you some time to figure out what to do. Usually, 3 possible outcomes happen afterwards. 1. Pleased – It met your expectations and you’ve decided to… Continue reading The wait