Salesforce Newcomers: Research Frustrations 

Do you often find yourself reviewing the same article over and over, hoping, wishing, praying, that a different solution will suddenly arise? If so, you’re probably not alone…

Salesforce Newcomers: Figureoutable

It’s been said, everything is figureoutable Maybe you’ve heard this phrase before. If you’re experiencing some setbacks in your Salesforce career progression, perhaps having this mindset will help.

Salesforce Newcomers: Doing something else…

When you’re spending time troubleshooting a problem and not making much progress, do you often think:  “This sucks, there’s so many other things I could be doing instead.” Maybe when you get to that point, it’s time to actually do something else, and come back later. Yes, easier to say than do. Especially, when you… Continue reading Salesforce Newcomers: Doing something else…

Salesforce Newcomers: The Temptations

Maybe this is you… You’re watching a Salesforce Tutorials on YouTube. Then you see some other unrelated videos grabbing for your attention on the right hand side. You bite, and decide to watch one. Then another is suggested. And then another. 45 minutes later, you want to kick yourself for giving in. Tip: Stay away… Continue reading Salesforce Newcomers: The Temptations

Salesforce Newcomers: When do you know that you’re ready to interview?

After passing a certification? After completing a specific course? After someone telling you that you’re ready? Maybe if/when an interview opportunity falls on your lap? Maybe, you never really feel “ready”, but know that you need to take the plunge. Or maybe it’s an overall gut feeling. I think interview readiness is often a tough… Continue reading Salesforce Newcomers: When do you know that you’re ready to interview?

What might await a senior Salesforce professional when they flag their LinkedIn profile.

The joys of developer contract recruiting.

The good ole switcharoo.

Salesforce Newcomers: You can’t please everyone.

Even J.K. Rowling has some negative critics. Some of your interviewers won’t recognize your value. Keep looking for those that do.

Salesforce Newcomers: Keep Knocking


Are you good at pushing back when a client, stakeholder, or the internal business decides to set an unrealistic timeline, adds 1 more “minor” change, or switches direction (again)? Often, I think determining how to handle this while still trying to keep everyone satisfied, is one of the harder areas of your job.