Your Ideal Remote Work Environment

As companies need to stay competitive when it comes to hiring, stating “100% remote” on the job description may no longer stand out. Is there a new bar that needs to be set when it comes to remote work? Most companies will continue to provide the hardware and peripherals (maybe a home office allowance) to do… Continue reading Your Ideal Remote Work Environment

Salesforce Solution Architect versus Salesforce Product Owner

Do you see any major differentiators between these two titles? If you’re the Salesforce Product Owner, would you also have the responsibility of: the big picture thinker, SME, best practices, visionary, solutionado TM®, etc. Have you seen/heard of a company having both roles? If so, what delineated one from the other? Interested in your take.… Continue reading Salesforce Solution Architect versus Salesforce Product Owner

Admirably Average

I heard this term recently and thought it was post worthy for our industry. If you occasionally feel overwhelmed with the amount of new Salesforce information, trailheads, certifications available. Or continuously feel the need to get ahead. Maybe, the answer is not to worry about that chase. Rather, just do what interests you most, and… Continue reading Admirably Average

In The Money (ITM) & Your Salesforce Salary

When it comes to stock options trading, there’s a phrase: In The Money (ITM). To be able to buy and/or sell an option to make a profit. I thought we could use this term to determine if you’re currently ITM with your Salesforce Salary. Yes, salary ranges vary greatly, but if staying ITM is important… Continue reading In The Money (ITM) & Your Salesforce Salary

Increased Video Meetings

Microsoft pointed out the number of Teams video meetings has more than doubled in the last year. The average meeting is 10 minutes longer (45 versus 35). 62% are unstructured, ad-hoc, unplanned. Maybe you’ve noticed this trend yourself, and it’s causing less productivity or having to work later hours when you’re “free”. Will companies take… Continue reading Increased Video Meetings

Pinching Yourself

If you’ve found Salesforce career success, making more than you thought you would/could, sooner than you thought was possible, and you really enjoy your work. Do you occasionally want to pinch yourself? Especially, if a family member or friend knows your salary and what you do. Possibly causing their eyes to open wide and to… Continue reading Pinching Yourself

SaLeSfOrCe Resume Spelling/Grammatical Flaws

If you’ve been working in the Salesforce industry for any length of time, you’ve probably seen your fair share of Salesforce related spelling/grammatical errors. When it comes to resumes, is this something that should be treated like any other grammatical error, checking the “lack of detail” box?  Or does it get special exceptions? Maybe with the… Continue reading SaLeSfOrCe Resume Spelling/Grammatical Flaws

Remote, Individualism, Self-Expression, Freedom

As the workplace continues to evolve and remote work becomes more of an option to choose from in tech, does this:  – Open up more doors for those who may have been worried about how they might be perceived in a traditional corporate in office setting. – Allow those who might have been historically more reserved… Continue reading Remote, Individualism, Self-Expression, Freedom

Getting Off The Road

This week, I was thinking about past strategic recruiting advantages some consulting companies had when they were able to keep consultants local. “If you would like to get off the road and spend more time at home and not travel every week. We have the perfect opportunity for you!” Since that approach is currently no… Continue reading Getting Off The Road

Digital Exhaustion

Have you found sitting behind a screen for a majority of the day has caused you to be more exhausted? Particularly, if your days were previously broken up with face to face meetings, coffee breaks, watercooler chats, etc. that helped break up the day. Even during lunch, you might continue to be on your screen.… Continue reading Digital Exhaustion