Your work environment…

Are you working in an ideal setting? One that brings out the best of your abilities. Do you perform better where there’s constant chaos and change, as you might thrive on that. Maybe, you need solace and seclusion. Do you find most meetings productive or feel they take away from your work? Is your day/week… Continue reading Your work environment…

Salesforce Newcomers: Going All In

I was recently asked if now’s the time to quit your job if you want to focus 100% on making a career pivot into Salesforce. While everyone’s financial situation is different, in general, my  thoughts were that it might not be the best time, primarily due to some of the uncertainty in the economy and overall job… Continue reading Salesforce Newcomers: Going All In

Salesforce Newcomers: Your Past Positions

If you’re making a career change into Salesforce now, and previously worked in a professional setting, how did you land that/those positions? Were you referred in? Did you just apply? Did you feel some luck was involved – right place, right time? How did you stand out? Was there specific preparation that you did? Were… Continue reading Salesforce Newcomers: Your Past Positions

Salesforce Newcomers: Summer Hiring

One thing you might experience or have been experiencing so far during the U.S. Summer months, is the slow down in responses, interviews, feedback, offers, etc. Vacations (sometimes extended), conferences, travel, kids out of school, etc. often play a big part of that. Sometimes you might have to wait an extra week or two to… Continue reading Salesforce Newcomers: Summer Hiring

Salesforce Consulting and Travel

Are the days of being a road warrior as a travelling consultant gone forever? Previously, some system integrators were able to “win” talent for being a local only company, and those that required travel usually offered a salary premium. With the continued issues we hear with travel, and with the push to reduce the carbon… Continue reading Salesforce Consulting and Travel

Salesforce Newcomers: Are you thinking ahead?

If the Salesforce job market starts to slow down, what does that mean to you? Potentially, more experienced Salesforce professionals will be available and applying to some of the same positions that you’re chasing. Some might be willing to take a lower salary than they have today to stay employed. Other companies might assign Salesforce… Continue reading Salesforce Newcomers: Are you thinking ahead?

Salesforce Newcomers: Keep putting your work on display

Companies will continue to look for those who they feel confident can do the job versus those who just say they can. Help them find what they’re looking for. “Well done is better than well said.” ~Benjamin Franklin


During an interview, do you tend to ramble, go off subject, or repeat yourself? Are you able to be more self-aware if you feel that you’re getting long-winded? Can you read the audience to see if they’re still engaged? Would you feel insulted if you received this feedback? Maybe, this tends to happen more often… Continue reading Rambling…

The departure surprise…

Boss: “Before you leave us, please create a job description of everything that you do.” A few days later… Employee: “Here you go.” Boss: “Wait, you do ALL of this?!” Employee: “Yep, and I’m probably forgetting a few things.” Boss (thinking to themselves): “How are we ever going to find someone who can do all… Continue reading The departure surprise…

Is good help really hard to find?

We often have either said this or heard someone else say it. Defining “good” may be part of the challenge. If multiple years of experience in a particular field or skillset with no leeway defines good, yes, that might often be the case. If good means someone who brings enthusiasm, drive, determination, the right positive… Continue reading Is good help really hard to find?