Processing Feedback

How do you receive feedback? Especially, if it wasn’t what you were expecting. The kind that might bruise your ego. And have you thinking, “what do they really know, anyhow?”. Or “that’s just their opinion.” Rather than taking it all as a negative, can you consider the feedback as a gift? As the individual took… Continue reading Processing Feedback

Salesforce Newcomers: Short-Term vs Long-Term Thinking

Are you willing to sacrifice being incompetent, embarrassed, awkward, and uncomfortable in the short-term? In order to grow, get better, and achieve your ultimate goal in the long-term?

Taking recruiters through the weeds.

Part of the external recruiter’s job is to feel comfortable with the candidate that we’re submitting. And usually to provide a brief summary of why we think the person we’re submitting is a good fit. Yes, I know many times you feel the conversation will go way over our heads (or may even be a… Continue reading Taking recruiters through the weeds.

A thought on your Salesforce job security (and rice)

If someone can write down exactly how you need to perform your job duties, there’s a good possibility someone else can do it.  Cheaper and maybe even faster than you… Some may be OK with that, but I don’t think that’s the ideal position that YOU want to be in for your career success and… Continue reading A thought on your Salesforce job security (and rice)

Salesforce Career Seekers: Slot Machine Analogy

Maybe a good way to look at landing your 1st Salesforce position is to consider the process as a slot machine. One that doesn’t require money. Rather, one that needs time, focus and energy. Which allows you to pull the handle over and over. Each day you get a new pull. Most days you’ll get… Continue reading Salesforce Career Seekers: Slot Machine Analogy

You’re not a tree.

If you feel that your career is not progressing, it’s up to you to change it. Occasionally, I have people reach out to me saying they’re looking for new opportunities. Then 6, 12, 18+ months later, I look them up, and they’re still in the same position at the same company. Maybe things have drastically… Continue reading You’re not a tree.

SRTotD (Salesforce Random Thought of the Day): Salesforce’s Talent Search

If you’re a high caliber Salesforce Engineer or Architect and haven’t been contacted by Salesforce yet. I think it’s just a matter of time before they find you. 1,677 open technical positions on LinkedIn and counting (in the U.S. alone).

Your Salesforce Org

I was thinking of drawing a possible representation of a Salesforce org that either you’re currently inheriting or you might have inherited in the past, and the below came to mind. Maybe it’s safe to say, if yours looks like a shiny, red Corvette, consider yourself very lucky. For everyone else, please take it 1 day… Continue reading Your Salesforce Org

Food for thought – it is Taco Tuesday after all.

I was reviewing a sophisticated Data Scientist’s resume yesterday, over 12 years experience, 5 different positions, Masters from Stanford, a real heavy hitter, IMO. Resume length = 1 page, 5-6 impactful bullet points in each position, no random bold keywords, rather meaningful, compact, and impressive. Then I review a Salesforce Admin/Developer’s resume, 5 years experience,… Continue reading Food for thought – it is Taco Tuesday after all.

Manager’s juggling act

Yes, you would like the manager to provide feedback from the interview. And you’re wondering why it’s taking so long. Unfortunately, the below sketch is probably how the manager’s day looks from the beginning to the end. Getting back to you is somewhere in the mix. Suggestion: try to catch them as their work day… Continue reading Manager’s juggling act