2022 on LinkedIn

Seems to be a lot of job movement this year. And the associated selfies to go along with it.

Career Coaches

I don’t hear about these that often. We have coaches for many other things: music, sports, relationships, life, etc. Are our careers just something we can figure out on our own with those we associate with? Colleagues, bosses, maybe some mentors. Or since many times there might not be a linear path to ones career… Continue reading Career Coaches

We Want You

A Salesforce version of Uncle Sam came to mind this morningwhen thinking about the current demand to hireexperienced Salesforce professionals.

Work Wardrobe

If you’ve been remote since the pandemic, your traditional work clothes are probably full of dust. And your weekend lounge wardrobe, have now become your Monday through Friday work attire.  Of course, with the occasional dress shirt sitting beside your desk for those important video calls.

The Mothership

While I’m not sure how many thousands of people Salesforce is hiring this year. Their beams seem to be on full blast. Making it hard for us little earth vessels.

The People…

I think one of the most challenging parts for a Salesforce consulting partner is having/finding the right person with the right skillset at the right time to meet their clients expectations. And in not doing so, unfortunately, they’re subject to leaving money on the table.


Competition  And Alternatives With the growth of Salesforce, does this make it that much more challenging for everyone involved? New system integrators competing with the well-established. The well-established now competing with the new kids on the block. New Independent Software Vendors working diligently to get their product known and differentiated from all the others. Clients/customers overloaded… Continue reading Competition 

Salesforce Newcomers: Your Available Tools

Do you feel comfortable explaining which Salesforce tool (aka capability) will solve a particular problem if asked during an interview? And better yet, why it’s the tool of choice? If the company has more than just nails that need pounding, and all you have is a hammer, you might not be the right choice for… Continue reading Salesforce Newcomers: Your Available Tools

Salesforce Newcomers: Getting too wrapped up

I think often the more blogs you read, the presentations you attend, the discussions you have, can often lead to getting too wrapped up in things that might only be nice to know. But often not what you need to know. Especially, when you’re just starting out. Try to focus on the basics to help… Continue reading Salesforce Newcomers: Getting too wrapped up

Behind The Eight Ball

As you dive into something new for your career, do you feel that you’re so far behind from where “most” people might be, it’s probably best to just not start? Or once you do start, you feel overwhelmed, or some level of anxiety, and question why put yourself through this? Particularly, as you get older.… Continue reading Behind The Eight Ball