Salesforce Newcomers: A New Year

Continue your momentum to land that 1st position in 2022. If you’re hungover today, there’s still many days that remain. Try to make as many count as you can…

Salesforce Newcomers: Maybe this is the time…

While many others might be napping the holiday break away. Maybe this is the time for you to get ahead, and continue themomentum into 2022.

Salesforce Newcomers: Where you are…

In yoga, when the students are struggling, wobbling, shaking, groaning, etc.  The instructor occasionally says: “You are exactly where you should be” While I’m not sure how much good this does, I think the intent is to help get a better understanding of the situation the students are in at the moment. Maybe, something for… Continue reading Salesforce Newcomers: Where you are…

Salesforce Newcomers: Being Everywhere, Everyday

If you have some downtime over the holiday break, You may want to think about where is your time best spent, To get you a little closer to your end goal. Running around from 1 thing to another all day, everyday, may cause you to burn out, get frustrated, and feel lost. Only you know… Continue reading Salesforce Newcomers: Being Everywhere, Everyday

Salesforce Newcomers: Becoming proficient at the fundamentals

With everything that’s thrown at you regarding Salesforce “things to know”. Please remember if you don’t have the fundamentals down, Nothing Else Matters. Which by the way, only has 6 fundamental guitar chords (Em, D, C, G, B7, A). And sold over 2,000,000 units. Nothing Else Matters, Metallica, 1992.

Unrealistic Expectations

Has the Salesforce job market set some unrealistic expectations for newcomers? Unfortunately, I think it has… And we could probably use more examples like the below versus what we typically see.

Salesforce Newcomers: Being Top of Mind

How are you helping to ensure others know who you are and what skills you can bring? Are you posting, sharing, collaborating on various channels? Or are you sitting back “hoping” someone will find you? When I have an open position, and I happen to catch someone’s content, I’m often reaching out to them or… Continue reading Salesforce Newcomers: Being Top of Mind

Salesforce Newcomers: Keep stepping up to the plate.

You need to get your at-bats. You’ll probably miss a lot more than you’ll make contact with. And get thrown some sliders, curves, fastballs, changeups, and knuckles, that you weren’t expecting. But, hopefully, over time, the right pitch will eventually make it your way. Keep swinging…

Salesforce Newcomers: “So what?”

Over the weekend, I read that marketers and advertisers often ask themselves this question when they’re publishing material. Meaning, what is the message they are trying to convey, and will the reader find meaning in it? Maybe, this is a good question to ask yourself when thinking about your accomplishments on your resume. Not in… Continue reading Salesforce Newcomers: “So what?”

Salesforce Newcomers: Everyone’s climb is different

Often we hear the success stories of those who are actively interviewing, or have receive offers of X, Y or Z. Unfortunately, without knowing the details to what their climb has been like, what their prior work experience was, who they might have known in their professional network, and a number of other unknowns. I… Continue reading Salesforce Newcomers: Everyone’s climb is different