Salesforce Newcomers: Salesforce Career Options

I thought I’d draw a possible climb up the Salesforce corporate career funnel. Yes, I know funnels go down, not up. You can choose whichever level works best for you. And yes, working at Salesforce or a big tech company might not necessarily be like floating around in a swimming pool. But, hopefully, wherever you… Continue reading Salesforce Newcomers: Salesforce Career Options

Salesforce Newcomers: The Wait

Yes, this may be how you feel now. But, I think once you land that 1st position. You probably won’t have to feel that way again. Securing your 1st position is always the hardest, longest, and most frustrating…

Salesforce Newcomers: Your resume submissions…

Hopefully, this year, your resume will avoid the infamous black hole. And you’ll get more favorable responses. Keep letting employers know what you can bring and how you can help. I think the more specific your resume can be to the position available, the better.

Salesforce Newcomers: Your Available Tools

Do you feel comfortable explaining which Salesforce tool (aka capability) will solve a particular problem if asked during an interview? And better yet, why it’s the tool of choice? If the company has more than just nails that need pounding, and all you have is a hammer, you might not be the right choice for… Continue reading Salesforce Newcomers: Your Available Tools

Salesforce Newcomers: A downside…

Sure, pivoting to a career in Salesforce could lead to more long term growth opportunities, higher income potential, the option to work remote in many occasions, and other  perks. But, I don’t think we bring up the downside of the additional stress that this career could also have. Particularly, if your previous profession didn’t carry… Continue reading Salesforce Newcomers: A downside…

Salesforce Newcomers: Getting too wrapped up

I think often the more blogs you read, the presentations you attend, the discussions you have, can often lead to getting too wrapped up in things that might only be nice to know. But often not what you need to know. Especially, when you’re just starting out. Try to focus on the basics to help… Continue reading Salesforce Newcomers: Getting too wrapped up

Salesforce Newcomers: Engagement

Do you care to make your LI posts more interesting? More engaging? Maybe, something a potential employer could see value in. Possibly, how you’ve solved a problem, or something relatable to their business operations. A solution that may be able to save or make them $. Allowing them to think: “I could use a solution… Continue reading Salesforce Newcomers: Engagement

Salesforce Newcomers: Habits for 2022

Hopefully, you’re getting in some good habits this year to help get you a little closer to landing your first position. I think a persistent routine will get you much better results than  sporadic, random activity.

Salesforce Newcomers: Golden Tickets

I wish landing your first Salesforce position was as easy as just opening Willy Wonka bars. Unfortunately, it’s not, and many are struggling to get that 1st opportunity. Like Charlie Bucket, hopefully your time will come. Note: I think drawing faces accurately are almost as hard as passing the Salesforce Admin exam. Charlie looks more… Continue reading Salesforce Newcomers: Golden Tickets

Salesforce Newcomers: Keeping your enthusiasm

Yes, you’re probably going to be told “No” a lot. Try to move on to the next opportunity and keep the same amount of energy throughout. As a potential employer isn’t going to care so much about about what you’ve been through. Rather, the enthusiasm that you can bring to them.