Are you feeling burned out at work?

Or maybe from making a career transition and searching for that 1st opportunity. Maybe you’re not sure, or you’re starting to feel that something is “off”. The link below asks 15 questions to help determine your burnout index specific to being bored, engaged, strained, or burned. Areas such as feeling relaxed at the end of… Continue reading Are you feeling burned out at work?

Using only 1 type of Salesforce validation/automation process.

In watching Matt Gerry‘s latest tutorial on Triggers, he recommends only having 1 type of automation process throughout your org, whether that’s a trigger, a flow, a validation rule, etc. In his YouTube video, he demonstrates some benchmark timings to show the performance gains when executing a validation rule using Apex versus a declarative approach. He also… Continue reading Using only 1 type of Salesforce validation/automation process.

Fuzzy Math & Dreamforce 2022

2 Facts + 3 Assumptions = 1 Solution (Squared) Fact #1Agenda Builder is now live. Fact #2You’re looking for some valuable sessions to attend. Assumption #1You could use some help in crafting your resume. Assumption #2Your schedule is free at Thursday, 09/22, 9 AM PST. Assumption #3You’re not too hungover from the RHCP concert. 1… Continue reading Fuzzy Math & Dreamforce 2022

Resume Tip: Omit Needless Words

When international, best selling author, Stephen King, was just starting his writing career, he was looking for a publisher. After many rejection slips, one wrote back and stated: Omit Needless Words: 2nd Draft = 1st Draft – 10% That one tip has stuck with him for over 50 years, and he has written 60 worldwide… Continue reading Resume Tip: Omit Needless Words

Thoughts on the current Salesforce job market?

Occasionally, I get asked about the state of the Salesforce job market. Some have mentioned they’re not getting reached out to as much as usual, suggesting things may be slowing down. I still see multiple job postings come across LinkedIn each day. As well experiencing some of those who are looking often having multiple offers… Continue reading Thoughts on the current Salesforce job market?

What do you think makes a stellar Salesforce consultant?

Some thoughts: – is forward thinking – can anticipate scenarios or problems that might occur and plan accordingly – can follow through on an assignment in it’s entirety – can help drive the client to make a decision – ability to speak the same language and thumb things down for the audience to easily understand… Continue reading What do you think makes a stellar Salesforce consultant?

Making the wrong decision…

If you’ve made the wrong decision and determined the new position you took was a “mistake”, is there anything that you could have done differently to have prevented it from happening? Do you feel the way that the position and company were described to you was not the reality? Could you have done more research? … Continue reading Making the wrong decision…

A tough decision?

You just started a new position, and a company that you previously interviewed with (and you had more interest in), came back and made you an offer. What do you do? This may have happened to you, or to someone you know.

What might await a senior Salesforce professional when they flag their LinkedIn profile.

Salesforce Newcomers: Interview Anxiety?

As the Roman Stoic Philosopher, Seneca, stated: “We suffer more often in imagination than in reality.” Many of us experience this feeling…