Titles vs $

When you’re looking to make a change, does the title of the new position carry much weight to you? As long as the responsibilities, career progression, and salary are in line with what you’re looking for. Also, do you feel as you get further along in your career, titles matter more? Because if you take… Continue reading Titles vs $

SRTotD (Salesforce Random Thought of the Day): Salesforce’s Talent Search

If you’re a high caliber Salesforce Engineer or Architect and haven’t been contacted by Salesforce yet. I think it’s just a matter of time before they find you. 1,677 open technical positions on LinkedIn and counting (in the U.S. alone).

Your Overhead as an Independent Contractor

If you’ve thought about going the IC route, please keep in mind the overhead that can be associated, as these will be costs (and/or time) for you. Areas such as: – Legal – Accounting – Sales – Marketing – Banking – Continued Education – Financial Planning – Healthcare – Equipment An an employee, you probably… Continue reading Your Overhead as an Independent Contractor

Let’s Dance…

Sometimes when it comes to salary discussions we have to dance a little. An employer (and even a candidate) might not always know where the market is. Today’s conversation between me and a job candidate as an example. Candidate: What’s the position paying? Me: The position has flexibility, but they are starting me out at… Continue reading Let’s Dance…

Job Hopping

Has the negative stigma tied to job hopping a thing of the past? Particularly, in tech where the ratio of open positions to qualified applicants is so high. Is the culture norm of about 2 years still in place, or has it gotten shorter and will it continue to get shorter over time? Does the… Continue reading Job Hopping

Salesforce TA’s: Please Don’t Go!!!

If you’ve lost your in-house Salesforce Technical Architect this year, based on my experience, you’re probably looking at a 3-5 month lead time to find and hire another. Your situation may vary, but I think most will agree: It’s Freaking Hard! Suggestion #1: (if you’ve already lost them): promote internally, contract it out to stop… Continue reading Salesforce TA’s: Please Don’t Go!!!

The Salesforce Career Yin and Yang

Salesforce Newcomers:  – Challenged with obscurity – Could use some community support – Few positions available – Will take any offer – More time, less work – No one needs my help – Would like to be stalked by recruiters Salesforce Experienced: – Challenged with popularity  – Could use some isolation – Too many positions… Continue reading The Salesforce Career Yin and Yang

Lie to me!

Actually, no, please, don’t lie. But if you’re looking to make a move, rather have: A story. A reason. An excuse. A “situation”. Something… Anything, that shines a positive light on you for looking elsewhere. Yes, the job market is hot. Yes, you want to see what’s out there. Yes, your past colleague who just… Continue reading Lie to me!

Nip It In The Bud

Tired of recruiters wasting your time? How about having a list of your requirements that you can send when approached by recruiters. Your must haves, nice to haves, etc. I think this could save you a ton of time when dealing with the mass amount of inbound recruiting emails you get. I receive these from… Continue reading Nip It In The Bud

Can’t Nobody Hold You Down

New Promotion = Great!  New Title = Fantastic! New Responsibilities = Bring It On! New Raise = 2%?! If you’ve worked hard and earned a prestigious new title with more responsibilities, but not getting the associated raise to go with it. Do you feel slighted? If so, I’m bringing 1997 back to you. Mase and… Continue reading Can’t Nobody Hold You Down