What might await a senior Salesforce professional when they flag their LinkedIn profile.

Salesforce Newcomers: Interview Anxiety?

As the Roman Stoic Philosopher, Seneca, stated: “We suffer more often in imagination than in reality.” Many of us experience this feeling…

Salesforce Newcomers: Workbench

Do you have the tools to be successful? If you’re not familiar with Workbench, you should probably check it out. It provides capabilities such as: Object Explorer (Fields, Relationships, Metadata) Data Management and Data Loading (Download into Excel and Upload/Update/Upsert) Metadata Deployment/Retrieval/Explorer (yes!) Determining who modified an object and when (darn you, new Admin) SOQL/SOSL… Continue reading Salesforce Newcomers: Workbench

Being Pulled

When an experienced Salesforce professional flags their LinkedIn profile to “Open to work”.

Having interviews and feeling a little rusty?

Maybe, you haven’t interviewed in years. And now you’re just getting back into it again. Possibly, the first conversation or two will be a little awkward. But I think in no time, the rust will wear off. And you’ll unlock those inner interviewing abilities.

The Mothership

While I’m not sure how many thousands of people Salesforce is hiring this year. Their beams seem to be on full blast. Making it hard for us little earth vessels.


Competition  And Alternatives With the growth of Salesforce, does this make it that much more challenging for everyone involved? New system integrators competing with the well-established. The well-established now competing with the new kids on the block. New Independent Software Vendors working diligently to get their product known and differentiated from all the others. Clients/customers overloaded… Continue reading Competition 

Finding Part Time Salesforce Admin Work

Occasionally, I get asked about part time Salesforce Admin contract positions, and seldom do I hear about these types of roles. My initial thoughts are companies who need part time/ad-hoc help either: Use a managed service/consulting company who can provide this Hand the work over to an internal employee to “figure it out” They already… Continue reading Finding Part Time Salesforce Admin Work

Salesforce Job Market: All Bets Are Off

Or I should say, many bets are off. I think some priorities have shifted some around a persons work/education history when it comes to hiring Salesforce professionals compared to where the industry was 10+ years ago. Stigmas like: Moving from contractor to full time Moving from consultant to industry Moving from industry to consultant Having… Continue reading Salesforce Job Market: All Bets Are Off

Salesforce Newcomers: “So what?”

Over the weekend, I read that marketers and advertisers often ask themselves this question when they’re publishing material. Meaning, what is the message they are trying to convey, and will the reader find meaning in it? Maybe, this is a good question to ask yourself when thinking about your accomplishments on your resume. Not in… Continue reading Salesforce Newcomers: “So what?”