Fuzzy Math & Dreamforce 2022

2 Facts + 3 Assumptions = 1 Solution (Squared) Fact #1Agenda Builder is now live. Fact #2You’re looking for some valuable sessions to attend. Assumption #1You could use some help in crafting your resume. Assumption #2Your schedule is free at Thursday, 09/22, 9 AM PST. Assumption #3You’re not too hungover from the RHCP concert. 1… Continue reading Fuzzy Math & Dreamforce 2022

Interview questions

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5 interview questions to ask an employer, which you may find unconventional, but could help you stand out, and would get more comfortable for you after the 1st time. What are the biggest challenges I’ll face in the first 90 days, and how will success be measured? Is there anything about my background that makes… Continue reading Interview questions

Resume action verbs.

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If your resume could use some updates, maybe these action verbs will be helpful. For Leadership:-Organized-Coordinated-Led For Communication:-Presented-Collaborated-Directed For Technical:-Launched-Optimized-Engineered For Organizational:-Reduced-Monitored-Prepared For Quantitative:-Projected-Analyzed-Maximized/Minimized For Creative:-Initiated-Integrated-Illustrated For Helping:-Counseled-Coached-Guided For Research:-Diagnosed-Systematized-Constructed Other tips can be found here: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/07/10/an-example-of-the-perfect-resume-according-to-harvard-career-experts.html