Pinching Yourself

If you’ve found Salesforce career success, making more than you thought you would/could, sooner than you thought was possible, and you really enjoy your work.

Do you occasionally want to pinch yourself?

Especially, if a family member or friend knows your salary and what you do.

Possibly causing their eyes to open wide and to be grateful (maybe even a little jealous) of your success.

That’s not to say, the work, time, stress, sacrifice and overall grind you put in to get where you are today shouldn’t be accounted for.

You’re still giving it 100% to improve further, and although the financial rewards are great, the career satisfaction is what drives you to become better.

And if you’re not there yet, but are staying very committed, realizing that everyone before you has hit similar tests and obstacles of doubt and setbacks, I believe your time will come. 

And your pincher fingers will be ready.

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