Getting your shot in your Salesforce career transition…

Do you feel the younger generation, college graduates, or maybe even those with unrelated work experience who are in the mid 20’s, get more shots at Salesforce opportunities then those who are older and are pivoting into a Salesforce career?

If yes, why do you think that is?

I had a connection bring this topic to my attention, and I thought it was worth a wider discussion.

My initial thoughts as I reflect on this (with some apparent generalizations).

– The older we get, we might not be so flexible in what’s being asked of us, possibly causing more evaluation resistance/bias

– Our salary expectations could be higher based on our personal financial situation (family, more bills, etc.)

– The younger management level might find it more intimidating or uneasy having someone older on their team

– The pace of how fast things move in I.T. may cause some concern of “keeping up”

As we know, there’s many upsides to hiring someone who has vast experiences in other professional endeavors.

Any tips, personal experiences/successes, or thoughts on this important topic?

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