Built, for nothing

“And they’re not even using the darn thing!”

Maybe you’ve said this to others or at least thought it to yourself.

You know, that functionality that the end users, “HAD TO HAVE”.

The blood, sweat and tears you put into it.

The multiple revisions they had you do, which frustrated the heck out of you along the way.

Take it out, put it in, no, sorry, take it out.

The money and time that was spent to have you build it.

The big to-do about how nice it will be to finally use it in Production.

Can we deploy it ASAP, please?!

“Hi everyone, we worked over the weekend, and it’s ready to use on Monday morning.”


Monday, nothing.

Tuesday, nothing.

Friday, great 1 record created.

Oh, it was just a new user playing around.

Following week, nada.

“Sorry, Chris, we just haven’t had time, let’s revisit in a few months.”

Maybe you can relate to some variation of this story either now or sometime in the past.

By far, one of the most frustrating parts of the job.

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