Being remote and your professional growth

If you’re still 100% remote and have been for the last 9+ months, do you feel there have been any downside effects to your career or professional growth?

Things like:

– Being less visible to other areas of the organization

– Not being able to build the same rapport/friendships with colleagues

– Not being able to sit in a room to have design/idea generation discussions

– Not taking your boss out to lunch to discuss your current position and future goals

– Not having the hallway/water cooler chats/happy hours about current events

– Not sitting over someone’s shoulder to watch how they’re tackling a problem

– Losing some of your verbal, in-person, presentation skills

– Losing your ability to read non-verbal queues during discussions

Sure, many of these can be done virtually, or some may be of little relevance, but have you felt your career stagnate at all due to the current way of operating?

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