Salesforce Newcomers: Being Inflation-Proof

In the 2022 Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholder meeting last weekend, Warren Buffett suggested skills that are in demand, unlike currency, are inflation proof. Keep sharpening…

Salesforce Newcomers: When do you know that you’re ready to interview?

After passing a certification? After completing a specific course? After someone telling you that you’re ready? Maybe if/when an interview opportunity falls on your lap? Maybe, you never really feel “ready”, but know that you need to take the plunge. Or maybe it’s an overall gut feeling. I think interview readiness is often a tough… Continue reading Salesforce Newcomers: When do you know that you’re ready to interview?

Salesforce Newcomers: What area of Salesforce has been the most challenging to understand?

How have you overcome that area? Any specific tools, classes, webinars, discussions, people, Trailheads, etc. that you can recommend? I’m sure you’re not the only one who struggled in that specific area, and maybe someone else could use your suggestions.

What might await a senior Salesforce professional when they flag their LinkedIn profile.

Salesforce Newcomers: The Interviewer’s Job Title

Maybe that causes a little more nervousness for you. You’re probably not the only one. Remember, they were once just like you.

Salesforce Newcomers: Lifestyle

Hopefully, your expectations are set correctly. Your day to day job won’t be like the below, unless you’re actually on vacation. And even then, you may still need to be connected.

Salesforce Newcomers: Earning Credibility

In a competitive job market for those that don’t have experience,how are you proving them wrong?

Salesforce Newcomers: What your day on the job may typically consist of.

Suggestion: Be able to communicate (with an example) how you’re able to successfully do this (manage competing priorities), as you may be asked during an interview.

Salesforce Newcomers: Continue to fill the hopper

No pun intended. Try not to rely on 1 position, 1 interview, 1 possibility, 1 opportunity, 1 company, 1 referral. For whatever reason, those may spill out. Each day, add a few more…

Salesforce Newcomers: Cramming

Why exams can only get us so far…