Salesforce Newcomers: Landing your 1st position

Do you feel the marketing and expectations are properly set regarding the Salesforce job market, and what a certification does or does not do to get your foot in the door? Is there anything that you feel should be highlighted differently?

Is good help really hard to find?

We often have either said this or heard someone else say it. Defining “good” may be part of the challenge. If multiple years of experience in a particular field or skillset with no leeway defines good, yes, that might often be the case. If good means someone who brings enthusiasm, drive, determination, the right positive… Continue reading Is good help really hard to find?

Being Presented New Opportunities

If you’re not actively looking for a new position, do you still want to be presented new opportunities? Or do you feel it’s a distraction? Often it’s said in the recruiting industry that the “passive” job seeker is where a recruiter should focus some of their time. But unfortunately, I think that’s where so much… Continue reading Being Presented New Opportunities

The Pay Trade-off

When you know you’re getting paid well (above market), but your position is really wearing on you, causing you not to be your best self. Are you willing to take 10-20% less for more piece of mind? Some variables that might come into play:   – the stage of your career  – your financial situation   –… Continue reading The Pay Trade-off

Having a Salesforce niche…

Do you feel having a particular Salesforce niche leads to more career opportunities? Or does it matter that much if you decide to become a jack of many trades and a master of none? Whether that’s a specific role, industry, product or technology. It seems that most Salesforce job descriptions look for experience in many… Continue reading Having a Salesforce niche…

Resume submissions

With most taking the easy, quick apply, process to submit their resume for a posted position, is it easier for you to stand out by taking a more personalized approach? If you made an extra effort, could it lead to a more successful outcome? Maybe, it’s that approach, a potential employer is really looking for…

Smarter not harder…

At some point in your career, you might have heard: “you need to work smarter, not harder”. Do you find that comment a little annoying? Particularly, when there’s no suggestions given. If you knew how, wouldn’t you be doing it already? Maybe it’s just focusing on what’s necessary and trying to ignore the minutiae that’s… Continue reading Smarter not harder…

Where’s the entry level Salesforce bar?

Has the bar gotten higher over time? Or maybe it hasn’t ever changed, and we’re just throwing out more suggestions to try and be helpful. I think some find success regardless of where the bar is set, while some keep putting a higher bar in place for themselves with the hopes they’ll find it too.… Continue reading Where’s the entry level Salesforce bar?

Salesforce Newcomers: “This”

Will “this” get me closer to my end goal? Would an employer see “this” as valuable? Am I wasting my time doing “this”? So and so said to do “this”, but I don’t really understand why. Too much of “this” is causing more confusion, I think I should re-evaluate. If I get more of “this”,… Continue reading Salesforce Newcomers: “This”

“I’d Google “

In an interview, you might occasionally get asked how you would go about solving a problem that you haven’t encountered before. While Google might be a part of you answer, can you add some more context? I think the ability to know how to filter through the results quickly, understand what’s applicable and what’s not,… Continue reading “I’d Google “