Attitude Makes All The Difference

As I get older, hopefully I’m becoming a little wiser and healthier, a lot less uglier, and much more appreciative. 

I find tremendous satisfaction in hearing about the success of others.

This past week I had a Salesforce “newbie” provide me the great news that they landed their 1st paid Salesforce position. 

We connected back in August of 2018 as they read one of my articles and wanted to discuss their Salesforce career aspirations. 

9 months later after keeping their head down and focusing on their goals, they succeeded. 

While I don’t have a huge sample set to reference, those that come to mind took between 9-12 months as to when they decided to “go for it” and getting that 1st Salesforce opportunity. 

Obviously, there’s many variables at play and your results will vary, but I did want to share a short success story if it helps to keep you going. 

Regardless of this example or any others, in my opinion, your ATTITUDE over the long run is what will make the difference.

Have a great weekend, I’m off to cut cucumbers for my eyes.

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