Are you the best person for the job at hand?

Or should someone else tackle it?

More importantly, if you know that you’re not, are you able to say so?

Often our ego might get in the way, as we want to take on new challenges to help prove our value to both ourselves and to others.

Last week, I was asked to install a light fixture for my niece. I said “sure, no problem”, I’ve done that before.

To my dismay, after about 2 1/2 hours into it, the job wasn’t done, and I ended up breaking the wires.

I wasn’t the best person for the job, and made things worse.

I should have stepped aside, especially when the instructions said: Step #1 – Use a licensed electrician

There’s a fine line between trying and succeeding, and learning along the way, and knowing up front what your limitations are and expressing that.

How do you handle situations when you know you’re not the best fit?

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