A Letter to Salesforce Trailhead

Dear Salesforce Trailhead Module,

I’m really sorry.

I know that you’ve been open in my browser for about 2 1/2 weeks now.

And I haven’t paid you any attention.

Every morning, I see you, and you’re on my mind.

As you’re waiting patiently to teach me something.

Then, the day just slowly gets away from me with other work.

The evening rolls in, and I see you looking at me, wondering if now is a better time.

But, by then, I’m really tired and I know I can’t give you the focus you deserve.

Even the times when my laptop restarts and my browser tabs reconnect, you’re still there.

Just waiting…

With all your resilience…

I need you, and you need me, we know this much is true.

But, please forgive me, for now.

I promise we’ll be working together again soon.

Real soon…



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