A Good Salesforce Success Story

A good Salesforce success story to share from a Salesforce connection who landed his 1st Admin position.

Over the course of a year or so, he used Trailhead and Udemy to study for and pass the Administrator and App Builder certifications

He then built a custom app for his current company to try to convince them to adopt Salesforce, and let him transition to an Admin role. This didn’t go anywhere with his company, but the process of trying to find solutions to real problems helped him to connect many of the trails and projects he had been learning on Trailhead.

Applied to every position he could find.

Continued to refine his resume and asked for feedback from other Salesforce professionals.

Accepted lots of rejection.

Reached out to acquaintance/friend who’s company was looking for a developer. He encouraged him to apply, even though he knew nothing about the development.  He received an email a week later saying they just happen to also be looking for an Admin, and wanted to set up an interview. 

He was offered a job a week later. 

Having a connection somewhere can help you stand out when a hiring manager has a massive stack of resumes.

Networking can be all you need to get your foot in the door and in this story the path to success is not a straightforward one.

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