3.5 Marketing Tips To Salesforce Career Advancement

As a Salesforce Professional, I imagine your phone, email, mailbox and pager are ringing off the hook weekly with new Salesforce positions being proposed to you, but are the inquiries that you’re receiving opportunities for career advancement or are they a downgrade to your current position, a lateral move or possibly not even a good match for the skills you possess?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have external recruiters and internal talent/HR departments only reach out to you with a position that aligns directly to your Salesforce skills and career goals?

Listed below are the top 3.5 tips to market yourself to help ensure the inquiries that you’re receiving are helping your career growth to be the best Salesforce professional you can become. I realise you’ll still get pestered about Salesforce Technical Architect positions now that you’ve recently acquired your Salesforce Administrator certification, but hopefully the concepts described below will eliminate some of your frustrations working with recruiters.

1. Your LinkedIn Headline

The 1st area that a recruiter will be looking is at your LinkedIn Headline (after seeing your pretty/handsome smile, of course). Within one sentence, less than 20 words, convey what’s unique about who you are and what you do, not just your job title. Examples such as Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce Developer, etc. is the same title most others Salesforce professionals have. A headline telling your audience a little more about the value you provide will be much more distinct as well as help you appear confident in your profession. For example:

Senior Salesforce Developer – Providing Solutions to Customers Toughest Technical Challenges Senior Salesforce Administrator – Using Declarative Features to Solve Complex Functional Processes (Estimated Project Completion 12/31/2017) * Salesforce Lightning Analyst – Ensuring Users Understand the Value the Lightning Experience Provides (Satisfied in My Current Role) * Salesforce Architect – Providing Best in Class Solutions Around Security, Data Migration and Application Integration (Open to New Opportunity Discussions) *

*Note: If you’re currently satisfied with your current position, I suggest mentioning that. If you’re on a contract with a known end date or currently on the market, state that as well.

2. Your LinkedIn Summary

Providing more context in your LinkedIn Summary, recruiters can drill down into the details without having to read a CV/Resume. The LinkedIn Summary is where you would define what you’ve already accomplished, in addition to what a good opportunity would look like for you, especially if you have specific career goals in mind. I believe the more specific you are, the better. Additionally, this should help recruiters determine if they should contact you based on the job description they’re recruiting for, comparing it to your previous experience and ultimately, what might be of interest to you for the future.

The type of questions to answer include:

What you’ve done and what you like to do (specifics help) What your ideal position would be (industry, location, environment, remote, travel, even salary/hourly rate) Please do not contact me about (be blunt)

3. Your Resume as a LinkedIn Article

Since LinkedIn provides you the ability to publish articles, why not make your resume one of those articles and keep it up to date with your current achievements showing that you’ve worked on the latest technologies?Resume suggestions: Do not use generalities describing your experience. For example, if you’re a developer please omit statements such as: developed custom objects, fields, labels, etc. Keep your experience relevant to the type of position you’re applying for or interested in. You may want to have a few different versions of your resume based on the job description If you do not have the actual experience, don’t have it as part of your resume. A recruiter may drill down into that specific area and if you cannot speak to it, you will lose credibility Unless you’re looking to be in the same role in each of your future positions, try to show versatility demonstrating career growth The great debate of resume length will continue, more is seldom better, precision and relevancy will prevail (2 pages is optimal, 3 can be acceptable)

3.5. Your LinkedIn Introduction Video

If you really want to stand out as a top-notch Salesforce candidate, provide a 60 to 90 second introduction video summarising your experience as part of your LinkedIn profile media content. This will not only provide a recruiter or a company with your presentation and communication skills, but also the ability to articulate the specific skill set and experience you possess.

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